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John Wright, Sr.'s comments

24 April 2002

Dear Sir:

I would like to comment on docket no. 2001-CE-45-AD. This docket proposes to adopt a new airworthiness directive to apply to all Univair aircraft, Alon A2 & A2-A, ERCO 415-C, 415-CD, 415-D thru E & Forney F-1 & Fl-A & Mooney M-l0.

The airplane AD would require you to repetitively inspect the wing center section by cutting holes in the bottom side of the wing-walk area or by the use of a borescope or endoscope that meets specified criteria. My question is, “What constitutes specified criteria?” Also, most mechanics do not have a borescope.

To begin with you cannot see the entire area of the center section with the wings on. The area on the center spar behind the wing tank cannot be inspected & this is where we are finding the most corrosion. My son & I have been working on Coupes for several years & have found the following Coupes to have corrosion in the center section:  

N2051H had a 4" piece of the lower spar cap missing
N94827 had severe corrosion on the lower spar cap
N2428h had corroded lower skins
N2485h had corroded lower skins
N93530 had corroded skins
N3322h had corroded skins
N294TH had a top spar extremely corroded (we did not repair this aircraft)  

If you would like you can come to Springfield, IL & look at these parts as we have most
of them.

My proposal is this:

Pull the wings off so you can inspect the center section.  If corrosion is found repair it. If no corrosion is found have the I/A enter it in the airframe log book that the inspection was performed & it will become due in 5 years from date of inspection.

In my experience if it has no corrosion it would take at least 5 years for corrosion to occur. The cost would be about 4 or 5 hours of labor to pull wings off inspect & put the wings back on.

Sincerely yours,


John A. Wright, Sr.
958 Flossmoor, RR#6
Springfield, IL 62707
phone 217-546-0585

copies to:
Skip Carden, Exec. Dir. of EOC
Roger Caldwell - FAA