Engine oil pressure fitting

04 Jan 2019 19:25 #1 by Matt Gunsch
Engine oil pressure fitting was created by Matt Gunsch
When I inspect a plane, one item I look for is a restricted oil pressure fitting installed on the engine, it's purpose is in the event of a oil pressure line failure, it will not allow the engine to pump out all it's oil in a very short time. Should the line break,you will lose the oil pressure to gauge, and oil is being lost, but you will have MINUTES to get on the ground instead of seconds, A Beech flew for almost an hour after a oil line failure before it ran out of oil, The fitting has a very small hole drilled thru it, about the size of a mechanical pencil lead, If your aircraft has an oil pressure line with AN fittings installed, look closely at the fitting on the engine, it should have RED paint around the center of the fitting if it is a restricted fitting, if you can't tell if it is a restricted fitting, pull the oil line and try to insert a piece of safety wire thru the fitting, if it goes in more than 1/2 inch, the fitting is a standard fitting and should be replaced with a restricted fitting.

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