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22 May 2017 08:35 #948 by Jack Arthur
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i would strongly suggest that you order the CD from the FAA on any C model you are looking to purchase. The reason is you want to look at all the entries from the FAA and make sure that the plane you are looking at has not been modified to a D model. If it has been modified it is not legal to fly as a sport plane. Just FYI.

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19 May 2017 23:35 #942 by Arlan Allen
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Welcome to EOC! Just take your time and you will find the right one. The Ercoupe is a great little airplane. You will enjoy it for along time. I have had several airplanes the Bonanza and the Ercoupe are my favorite small single engine airplanes! I know they are on opposite sides of the scale. But that's how I feel.

Alan Allen

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19 May 2017 20:40 #941 by Joey Shreve
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Just thought I would do like I do in every forum I join. A quick intro, I live just north of Cincinnati Ohio in Liberty Twp. I am going for my sport pilots cert right now about 36 hours, I have one flight left before going for my check ride. I have been looking at getting an LSA qualified aircraft and I keep coming back to the ercoupe. I looked at one in Florida a while back and just wasn't happy with what I saw. Now I am looking a wee harder since I almost have my ticket to fly.

Going tomorrow (May 20th) to go look at a 415c that has had a lot of work done to it, I am hoping it looks good enough to consider for a purchase. I have already downloaded and printed the prebuy checklist.

Joey Shreve
Liberty Twp, OH
Sport Pilot; May 2017

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