Ercoupe Appearances

20 Jul 2017 13:29 #1042 by Steve McNew
Replied by Steve McNew on topic Ercoupe Appearances
Haven't had time to check them out - been flying - but in the current issue of Flying, I had to note that Cirrus' cute little jet has trailing link mains.... Steve

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14 Jul 2017 06:57 #1041 by Dennis Harrington
Ercoupe Appearances was created by Dennis Harrington
I'm particularly UN-observant, only really notice, left-handedness and things Ercoupe.. Go find the you tube clip, "Viscount, the first turbo prop airliner, and tell me if an Ercoupe doesn't make an appearance at about 1:57-1:58. Other film appearances I have noticed, The Road To Rio, at least two episodes of Hogan's Heroes. NO! Don't ask me what I do in my spare time!

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