My first air show

01 Sep 2019 11:28 #2205 by Ronald Raty
My first air show was created by Ronald Raty
After 5 years of weekend rebuilding of N93746, she finally left the hangar. This is the first time she has been moving under her own power since 2002. I haven't flown her yet; I still have a short list of things to fix (finishing my PP is on the list) and I have to get the A&P to give her a final going over. I finally defeated the weepy brake cylinder late the night before and as a reward, I drove her once around the hangar building. The next day, since she was out getting a little exercise, we went to the Bremerton Blackberry festival car show and fly-in. Since this was at my home base, I didn't fly in, I just taxied in. There was a large turn-out and I was amazed at the amount of interest in the plane. Apparently small, cute, and shiny almost beats out puppies and kittens for generating interest. Everyone wanted to hear about the plane with no rudder pedals. It was a lot of fun, I can see spending a Summer just flying to fly-ins.

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