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Powered tow bar

17 Sep 2018 10:21 #1649 by Donald DeWitt
Replied by Donald DeWitt on topic Powered tow bar
I use a 40 EZ Power Tug. Here's a link to its home page

They are a little pricey new, but I bought mine used for $500. Worth every penny. I hangar on grass, and with a slight incline, I couldn't get the coupe in the hangar without some power assist. Used a winch, but damaged the rear tie down ring and had to have it replaced. Tug works perfectly. Watch Craigslist & Barnstomers, one will turn up for sale. There are also electric models. Lighter in weight and probably just a good, although, I have never used an electric tug.

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07 Aug 2018 21:39 #1613 by Joe Messinger
Replied by Joe Messinger on topic Powered tow bar
I too have been working on this problem for the same reason. To my knowledge, there is no commercial solution available. I thought I had it whipped with a modified Robotow but the darn thing is so difficult to get on and off I plan to continue working on the problem. One suggestion I am considering is a used lawn tractor with the mower removed. Another is a used power wheelchair. Either could be fitted with a tow bar and when not being used for aircraft moving you would have something to run around the airport on. One would need to be careful so as not to overstress the nose gear. I am told the most important thing is to avoid modifying the airframe, thereby avoiding FAA involvement. I hope this helps. Let me know if you find a workable solution.

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07 Jul 2018 20:01 #1559 by George Gilchrist
Powered tow bar was created by George Gilchrist
Is there a source for a powered tow bar for Ercoupe 415C? Location of hanger and my back do not mesh...Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks George

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