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TOPIC: Nose Gear Scissors parts

Nose Gear Scissors parts 20 Jul 2017 13:40 #1043

  • Steve McNew
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Bill - My 'Coupe, 87100, recently developed a shimmy of sorts - it has the steel scissors gear, and turned out to be an easy fix. The bolt through the trailing end was worn visibly; my favorite A&P went to the parts drawers, pulled out a new bolt, and in it went. No shimmy. Might inquire! Steve
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Nose Gear Scissors parts 22 Jun 2017 20:55 #1028

  • Kevin Gassert
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You can't tell from serial number because most have been modified. Many steel gear have been modified to aluminum scissors. The steal scissors have a phenolic bushing with steal bushing in it with teeth on it that when the bolt is clamped tight to it the bushing rotates within the phenolic bushing. This uses an an4 bolt. The aluminum scissors have a steel bushing and the boss is drilled and a grease fitting it installed. This bolt is not clamped tight and rotates in the bushing. This uses an an5 bolt. To further complicate things the boss is wider on the steel gear with single fork. The aluminum scissors can be had in narrow or wide. Or the gear can be machined to narrow it. There are many Ercoupes out there with miss matched parts that do not belong together and/or are using the incorrect bushings for the scissors. So there is no way for us to know what you have by just going on serial number. Post some pictures if you can. I brought both styles of scissors and bushings to OSH last year. I will bring them again this year.
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Nose Gear Scissors parts 17 Jun 2017 10:14 #1010

  • Larry Snyder
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There are two types of nose gear scissors. The early ones were steel and the later cast aluminum. They are not interchangeable, they use different struts. I've had the bushing setup described many times and I still don't really get it. The expert is Lynn Nelsen in Florida, who has talked about this at many tech seminars. I think Skyport has kits for rebushing these, but the big problem is the holes in the scissors get wallowed out and the bushings no longer fit tight in them. The solution is either buy new scissors ($$$$) or weld and drill the old ones. There may be other solutions, too, like drilling the holes oversize and using different bushings (?). So first step is to check the holes in the scissors, then call Skyport (Vernon Gregory) for parts solutions. For technical questions, call Lynn Nelsen. I'd be curious to hear how it turns out for you!
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Nose Gear Scissors parts 17 Jun 2017 09:08 #1009

My coupe, s/n 1514, has the later model dual fork nose gear (steel gear?). I want to "rebush" the scissors to improve shimmy. If anyone knows the parts needed and how this is done, please advise. The manuals and parts catalog along with Skyport and Univair catalogs are completely confusing or mute on the subject.

Bill Chalker
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