Eroupe 415C

27 Feb 2016 11:32 #344 by Larry Snyder
Eroupe 415C was created by Larry Snyder
I now the ads in the Coupe Capers have been real thin lately, but last spring we had an incredible run of great-looking Ercoupes at unbelievable prices. If it happened once, it could happen again. I guess patience is the biggest advantage when looking for these things. And vigilance. Good luck - when they pop up, get on it quick! And of course, look at the web page here to get a buyer's guide on what to look for, and find a good Ercoupe-knowledgeable mechanic to do a pre-buy. If someone doesn't want you to do one, or wants to supply the mechanic, don't walk - RUN from that purchase! You could end up with a $25,000 pile of corroded unairworthy parts with a layer of pretty paint on them...


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