Claude Hutcherson Ercoupe Badge

26 Nov 2017 18:46 #1308 by Ken Thompson
Claude Hutcherson Ercoupe Badge was created by Ken Thompson
Looking for a dealer badge reading “Claude Hutcherson. Plainview Texas.” (it might actually say “Claude Hutcherson Ercoupes. Plainview Texas)”

Hutcherson was an FBO and Beechcraft dealer in my home town of Plainview TX for over half a century. His son, Mike, now runs the air service. I did my very first flight training in a C-150 there. Claude, a friend of my Dad’s, agreed to finance my training. This was in 1972.

Hutcherson was also an Ercoupe Dealer. Odds are that my Ercoupe did not originate there but I would love to have his dealer badge on my plane for nostalgia’s sake. I know of one set but he’s not going to give them up.

If you know of a set of these tags-even one badge- please let me know.


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