09 Feb 2018 23:08 #1405 by Warren D. Hampton
Replied by Warren D. Hampton on topic 415D
Joey, Contact Chuck Hampton at 1 614 7388604 AP/AI down in Marietta, Oh. He is in Fla. right now may have Info for you also.

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07 Feb 2018 07:13 #1401 by Joey Shreve
Replied by Joey Shreve on topic 415D

Joey Shreve
Liberty Twp, OH
Sport Pilot; May 2017

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06 Feb 2018 14:07 #1396 by Larry Snyder
Replied by Larry Snyder on topic 415D
First, get the FAA CD. It contains a copy of ALL paperwork filed with the FAA regarding that airplane. You can order it online at the FAA web site. I've forgotten exactly where to look, but it's there, you'll have to fish around to find it. Looking at that will show you any major modifications or repairs and its ownership history.

Then, get to know an A&P with an Inspection Authorization real well! Paperwork is the name of the game, and it will take a lot of paperwork to bring it all up to snuff. I would suggest sitting down with your AP/IA along with the FAA CD and discuss a plan of attack for getting it all where it needs to be. A good mechanic will let you do the grunt work and he can do the actual inspections and checking of stuff.

Good luck! Hope it all works out well!
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06 Feb 2018 13:43 #1395 by JIM OVERBECK
415D was created by JIM OVERBECK
bought a 415D at an auction have N# and serial #. no other docs no airworthiness cert. Does anyone know the progression of hops I may have to go through to get the aircraft legal.

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