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Chris - is this for use in a hangar, or tied down outside? I cover my dear old gal, in the hangar, with a 4 piece rig, made of old cotton bedsheets. Wings are 1 1/2 sheets long, with a tube on leading and trailing edge, with the inboard section housing a piece or synthetic quarter round moulding. The ends are held by the elastic from the sheet end, pulled under the wing, and attached at each end. The fuselage cover goes nose to midway back, with a hole for the antenna; the tail is a T shaped piece, with little pockets on the ends of the T, to slip over the elevator corners. It velcros to the fuselage part w. 3 tabs. The rudders have snazzy striped pillowcases, with the top corners turned in. The whole set of parts are stuck together, literally, with liquid latex from TSC - Tractor Supply Corp; the larger bottles are a lot cheaper - look in the tarp section. The antenna hole is reinforced with sheet scraps, glued around it - at the nose, I have loops made and glued on, with a nylon strap, hooks on each end, to anchor them. (and the leading edge of the elevator part has window curtain weights from JoAnnes Fabrics, glued on.) Not fancy, but serves well. No nasty dust, nor bird etc....

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01 Sep 2015 07:46 #98 by Chris Kelley
Cover was created by Chris Kelley
In need of repair is ok

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