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27 Jan 2020 21:27 #1 by Ronald Raty
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Univair has exploded diagrams, of a sort, in their catalog.

Here are my notes from my rebuild journal.
The brakes are Goodyear assembly number 9520285. Maintenance to both brake calipers:
• Brake pads replaced; 510717-36 (per catalog) 9 are listed as available in the U.S. from Preferred Airparts. They did not respond to a request for a quote.
Currently, owner manufactured pads are installed. They were manufactured from 0.5” bulk brake pad material. The rough pads were made with a 1.125 hole saw, then they were turned down to 1” dia on a lath. A flat sander was used to reduce the 0.5” thickness to the required 0.46” thickness.
• O-ring AN6230-2 (MS28775-224) replaced
• O-ring AN6227-29 (MS28775-326) replaced
• Left brake plug 9520448 (old one was damaged)
• Brake plug o-rings MS28778-4
• All clips are present 9523482

For future reference, I did notice while replacing the brake pads on my 98 BMW M3, that the brake material was ½” thick and visually appeared to be made of the same material as the original pads in the ercoupe. This might be a good future source for brake pad material.

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27 Jan 2020 14:25 #2 by Gene deRuelle
Goodyear brakes was created by Gene deRuelle
Does anyone know of a supplier for goodyear brakes? I can't afford the tariff on the conversion kit to Clevelands and I would settle for a comprehensive exploded drawings. I understand Cleveland bought the goodyear line of wheels and brakes. Mmy plane came with Goodyears but completely disassembled. I could sure use the help.

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