Mooney M10 Shoulder belts

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Shoulder Harnesses are going to be either a minor mod or require a 337, depending on your FSDO and A&P/IA. I put in a set based on the data under the 337's on this website (the ones that use that 1/4" threaded rod through the bulkheads) as a minor mod. Our FSDO took the approval letter for installing them as guidance. My IA signed them off as a minor mod once we were finished.

I should mention mine went into an Aircoupe Alon A2, even though the drawings are Ercoupe based. The FSDO reviewed them (and the engineering data for them and said if my IA was comfortable with signing it as a minor, so were they.)
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08 Dec 2015 20:53 #247 by Gordie Meade
Mooney M10 Shoulder belts was created by Gordie Meade
Is there a set of approved shoulder belts for a Mooney M10 Cadet, but I think a set from an Alon A2A should work. Is there such a thing?

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