M-10 C-90 Oil Leaks

10 Dec 2017 21:56 #1321 by Gordie Meade
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I did get the Mitchell oil temp gauge and sending unit which, according to the ads, was PMAed for most airplanes (Cessnas probably are) but I will have to get a 337 to install it in my M-10. I ran into the same issue with the LED landing and taxi lights. I have the panel upgraded so will get to all this other stuff later. I want to fly for a while.

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07 Oct 2017 15:07 - 07 Oct 2017 15:08 #1231 by Gordie Meade
M-10 C-90 Oil Leaks was created by Gordie Meade
When I got my M-10, it required a lot of work. The C-90 ran okay but had oil leaks around the starter, the generator, the mags, the front prop seal, and oil temp fitting. I replaced the starter with a lightweight Skytech Starter with new gasket. I replaced the generator with a new 40 amp alternator with new gasket. We replaced the front prop seal. I installed overhauled Kelly Aerospace mags with new gaskets. I installed a spin on oil filter.
The one leak I could never stop was around the oil temp sending unit. It doesn't leak much, just enough to leave a small streak on the right side of the airplane. We have replaced gaskets but that doesn't seem to work. I decided to change the way the unit works. I am installing a Mitchell oil temp gauge with an electronic sending unit. It is a sealed unit and with a new gasket should end the issue. I'll let you know how it works.
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