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24 Oct 2017 21:03 - 12 Nov 2017 16:53 #1261 by Gordie Meade
Fuel Gauge was created by Gordie Meade
One of the few things I dislike about the M-10 is the lack of a dash mounted fuel gauge. The wing tanks have a sight gauge that is difficult to see in flight. And the fuselage tank has the float gauge that is easily in line of sight, but when it starts down you only have 30-45 minutes usable fuel left. I would really like more of a warning than that. Electronics International makes a fuel flow meter that has a number of features but the ones I am most interested in are fuel used, fuel left, and flow rate. It comes with a wiring harness and a flow transducer. I am looking forward to getting this installed and will get back here when I figure out how well it works. Hope it works as good as the one in the C152 I fly.
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