Snap vents

10 Oct 2018 10:29 #1688 by Henry Pasquet
Snap vents was created by Henry Pasquet
I am including a picture of two of the four Snap vents on my Alon. They made flying this summer comfortable and will make flying this winter warmer. We cut holes in inspection panels and pushed them in. The were attacked with the same screws, eliminating any cutting or new holes on the airframe. They face backward to pull air through the cockpit. My Kestrel recorded 10 mph wind in the cockpit at the instrument panel below the throttle/ fuel mixture. It is nice to have fresh air flowing through the cockpit. It would also prevent any carbon monoxide problems from a defective exhaust system. The four Snap vents cost $ 31.00. The old Ercoupes do not need this mod.

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