Header fuel tank

03 Apr 2018 12:10 #1458 by Ronald Raty
Ronald Raty replied the topic: Header fuel tank
There is only one outlet that might drain the tank, the supply line to the engine (the over flow return line outlet to the wing tanks is quite high). You might not notice a drippy leak if the gasoline is evaporating faster than the leak. Check all the fuel line to the engine connections. If there was a leak inside the cockpit, I would think you would smell gasoline when you open the canopy, so it is probably in the engine space.

Do you have a Stromberg carburetor? They also have been known to "weep", although I think that is mostly a problem in tail draggers, where the carb isn't level.

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03 Apr 2018 09:48 #1457 by Donald Hudson
Donald Hudson created the topic: Header fuel tank
If I don't fly for an extended time, the header tank on my 415C 75 HP Ercoupe drains down. Sometimes to almost empty. I thought the fuel was draining back to the wing tanks, but I talked to another Couper who said that was not possible. There doesn't appear to be any leaks. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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