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12 Apr 2018 17:40 #1464 by Larry Snyder
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You just missed an electric tow bar in the Facebook page. They are expensive. While there is no STC for a 4-point harness, there is an approved 337 for one on this site. Your mechanic should be able to use that as existing data for you to get a field approval for the same setup.

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12 Apr 2018 17:28 #1463 by Joe Messinger
Towbar/Seat belts was created by Joe Messinger
I have a 415-C and a bad back and there isn't always somebody around the airport to help me get the airplane in and out of the hangar. I am looking at power towbars (preferably electric) and have contacted Sporty's and AC Spruce. They may have solutions, but a bit on the pricey side. Has anybody had this problem and if so what did you do to solve it without breaking the bank?

Second subject. I am looking at putting shoulder harnesses in. I have talked to the people at Alpha and they offer the three-point style like most cars have. I would prefer a four-point harness. I have seen such an instillation on some Coupes on Barnstormers. Is there a STC for these or were they filed approved? Any assistance would be appreciated.

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