change in IAS

02 Oct 2018 19:17 #1678 by Steve McNew
change in IAS was created by Steve McNew
Recently, my A&P flew his Coupe along with me in mine - same time, conditions, speed - to check my IAS against his, on his i-pad - mine read much higher. (he also did a little work, tightening a fitting in my fuel pump) Back home, we re-aligned my pitot tube to be the same as his, and on the next two flights, my IAS was about 20% and the next day, 10-15% lower than previously - same RPMs and alt. The second of these, my gas consumption, measured from the same pump and nozzle, at the time it clicked off, was 9 gal. for 3 hours. A marvel, but I'm not quite believing it. Any thoughts? Thanks, Steve

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