10 Aug 2019 22:25 #2176 by Ronald Raty
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I am just finishing up my rebuild (5 year project). To know how deep is the rust on the steel parts, you will have to sand blast them. I bought a cheap sand blaster (<$100) from Sears. Runs off my compressor and works well for small parts.

As for registration, it is my understanding you can buy a wreck, get the data plate, and put it on your plane and use that serial number and N number for registration. Think of it as buying a plane, and replacing everything, except the data plate. Vernon Gregory has a lot of salvaged planes he parts out, he might be able to help you.

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10 Aug 2019 21:27 #2175 by Gene deRuelle
Ownership was created by Gene deRuelle
I Have an Ercoupe 415 that I traded my partially built Midget Mustang for. The previous owner bought it as parts. I intend a complete restoration if I live that long. I have a couple of questions. The owner who took the bird apart neglected to cover up the iron pieces and they are covered in rust. I don't believe it's too bad but I'd like to get rid of it. Second, does anyone know how to identify and aircraft with out any numbers? We can't find any S/N or N number. None. I would appreciate any help along those lines. My direct email is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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