Bad steering on my F-1

22 May 2020 20:34 #2750 by Gale York
Bad steering on my F-1 was created by Gale York
My F-1 cannot be steered with one hand (unless you're very strong and hands of iron). It goes all over the taxi way. No way to hold near the yellow line. Requires two hands
and even then no real control. In the air all is good, Very light. I've seen youTube's of other 'coupes that were good one handed steering right down the middle while taxing.
Two A&P's have spent time on the nose gear. Completely removed and taken apart. Looked for bends, worn bearings etc, and nothing. Much slack on the ground with huge
resistance to controlling/turning. Any suggestions/thoughts. No plane could be sold with this kind of steering. Prior owner never realized the problem, so makes me thing it's
something more recent; like the last annual as he hadn't flown since the annual.

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