Control system 415C

24 Apr 2017 16:17 #905 by John Phillips
John Phillips created the topic: Control system 415C
Doing some needed work on my Erco 415C sn 4375.
Removed old control quadrant and cables. These are by appearance
original parts. Cables slightly frayed. Quadrant shows cable indentation marks.
Obtained new style quadrant and cables from Univair.
On re-assembly found that both Univair cables have LH fittings.

The original cables had one LH fitting and one RH fitting which makes perfect sense
when you consider all the elements in the cable and chain set-up.

Questioning Univair they cannot explain why the original parts that I have are different from
the 1946 drawing they have by which they ascertain that the quadrant cables both have LH thread
I know how to work around the problem but am curious as to what other owners may have
experienced on this subject.

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