Window Welt Installation

08 May 2017 17:06 #914 by Joe Messinger
Joe Messinger created the topic: Window Welt Installation
I ordered a set of window welts from Univair and when I opened the box I found that no instructions were included. I called and their answer was that they didn't really know how this was done but one of the engineers had made a drawing on how they THINK they should be put in. The drawing is somewhat helpful but it doesn't give any recommendations about what adhesive to use. I found the article on, "How to refurbish sliding windows," on the site and this is a help but doesn't answer the adhesive question. I don't want to use contact cement since it won't allow for repositioning, so what is the recommended alternative adhesive that will allow for this? Any other tips? Especially if you have preformed this task would be helpful What does one do with the rather long (about 31 inches) strips on the ends of the welts? I hope I can do this without taking the whole airplane apart. Thanks, in advance for your help.

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