C to D upgrade

23 Aug 2017 12:07 #1090 by Ronald Raty
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All the information is in the Aircraft Specification A-718, note 3. This references A-787, so you will want to read both. They are availible from the Univair website. Note 3 is included below.

NOTE 3: S/N 113 thru 4423, and 4500 and up are also eligible as model 415-D under terms of Aircraft Specification A-787, provided the following requirements are met:
(a) Correct propeller and propeller limits.
(b) Correct control surface travel for the elevator.
(c) Incorporates elevator tab in accordance with Erco dwg. 415-22031
(applies to S/N 113 thru 4423 only).
(d) Instruments should be marked in accordance with FAA approved operating limitations.
(Applies to S/N 113 thru 4423 only).
(e) Include placards on the instrument panel in accordance with NOTE 2 of Aircraft Specification
No. A-787.
(f) The orifices for the main and nose gear piston should be revised as follows: Serial Numbers Orifice Size
Main Gear 113 thru 812 .067” diameter
Nose Gear 113 thru 1622 .281” diameter
(g) Approved FAA Flight Manual must be carried in the airplane.
(h) “No Smoking” placard should be included in the cabin.
(i) Nameplate should be altered to indicate the date of conversion, new model number,
and type certificate number.
(j) Install stainless steel upper skin in fuselage aft of firewall in accordance with Erco dwg. 415-31245.
(Applies to S/N 113 thru 4423 only).

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23 Aug 2017 00:20 #1089 by Warren D. Hampton
C to D upgrade was created by Warren D. Hampton
Want the list of changes that need to be done.. I know the over header tank skin elevator travel. And I think shock orifice but what size?

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