Pitch trim friction

04 Oct 2017 16:03 #1220 by Chris Carlisle
Pitch trim friction was created by Chris Carlisle
It's been a while since I was on the forum. In the mean time, N87335, despite a rocky start, is turning out to be a real fun flyer. Also in the mean time, 2 of my older children in town have gotten their licenses with a third on the way so that even though I'm not able to put as much time as the old girl deserves on her, I'm pretty much guaranteed that they will which is the best thing for a plane.

A few little issues remain. At the time of last year's annual, my mechanic lubed the pitch trim cable and installed the required centering spring on the tab (to keep the elevator from fluttering if the trim cable fails) and all is well which had not been done by prior owners despite the log noting that "all AD's and SB's complied with".. Trouble is, there isn't enough friction. Once I've settled in to cruise and the airspeed has stabilized, I set the trim and it's fine for only about 2 min. Then I have to reset, and reset, and reset,.............. The aerodynamic load is pushing the tab to a neutral position and undoing my inputs. I looked at the lever on the side wall, there does not appear to be any method of increasing the friction in the system which consists of a simple lever connected to a Bendix cable which runs back to the tab so I'm not surprised.

Any suggestions?

Sioux Falls, SD
415C, Ser# 508
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