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02 Nov 2017 10:02 #1278 by Larry Snyder
Replied by Larry Snyder on topic landing lights
I put the Whelan LED PAR36 light in my Ercoupe just the other day. So far so good. I had a halogen light in there since 2005, but rarely used it, but it burned out anyway. I'm hoping with the LED light I can leave it on a lot more and it'll last a lot longer. With the hooligan light, when I switched it on the ammeter needle would hop all over for a couple of seconds. obviously substantial current draw. With the LED light, it's not noticeable. I bought the PMA version from Wsg Aero for $207 on sale. You can buy the exact same bulb, but no from Whelan and not PMA'd, for less than $40 on eBay. I didn't learn about that one until I already bought mine. I would put in the cheaper bulb, since it's not legal for me to fly at night, anyway, so who cares if the bulb is PMA'd? As for performance, the light from the LED bulb is way brighter than my old halogen. I like it! Right after putting it in I took off exactly ½ hour before sunrise, and it really lit up the taxiways.

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29 Oct 2017 19:16 #1270 by Bud Bornemann
landing lights was created by Bud Bornemann
I have a tendency to leave my landing lights on while flying, I guess I feel that I can be seen easier.
I have replaced one of my landing lights so far and I am thinking about replacing one that just quit with an LED
type . Interested in feedback from any that have done this.

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