Fuel Usage

01 Jan 2018 19:08 #1353 by Henry Pasquet
Replied by Henry Pasquet on topic Fuel Usage
If it is running smoothly, producing full power, and not fouling plugs, don't worry about it. Alons burn 6.5 gallons per hour in cruise and 8 climbing according to the Alon Tech Help. High cruise power burns much more fuel than lower power. Try reducing cruise RPM to reduce fuel consumption.

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01 Jan 2018 15:49 #1351 by Donald Hudson
Fuel Usage was created by Donald Hudson
I bought a 1946 415C almost two years ago with the C-75-12 and it consistently uses 6 to 7 GPH. It has been thru two annuals by two different mechanics, no fuel tank leaks, primer and fuel line leaks repaired and other possibilities researched. All to no avail. Looking for any possible cures before I send the carb off for a $1000 rebuild.


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