Top fuel tank not filling.

03 May 2018 15:10 #7 by Larry Snyder
Replied by Larry Snyder on topic Top fuel tank not filling.
One of two things is happening: 1) the valve in front of the seat against the right wall is closed for some reason, or 2) the fuel pump is no longer pumping.

Make sure that the valve is open. It sometimes gets closed when someone kicks it. It is supposed to be safety wired open with brass wire to prevent it from inadvertently being turned off. It's on the floor, right in front of the seat right at the right fuselage wall.

If that valve is open, you'll need to check the pump. Make sure it's pumping fuel. If you disconnect the output line, make sure the restrictor is replaced correctly. If the pump is working, you must have a blocked fuel line. Biggest cause of that is sloshing compound breaking off from tank walls.

Good luck!

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03 May 2018 14:31 #8 by Larry McCartin
Top fuel tank not filling. was created by Larry McCartin
I almost had to make an emergency landing last week, It was a long distance between fuel locations when I noticed my top fuel tank float was diving for the bottom of the tank. I did make a safe landing and fueled up. Again, the top tank was draining with no fuel being pumped up from the wing tanks. I safely made it to my home airport with only 2 or 3 gallons left in the top tank. The obvious problem would be the fuel tank but I'm somewhat new to Ercoupes so I'm open to hearing any other ideas before I did into this. If you care to e-mail me directly my address is: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Regards, Larry N93436 Tucson, Az

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