C-85 hesitation

17 Dec 2018 07:51 #1752 by Joey Shreve
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Find out if he changed or cleaned and gaped the sparkplugs. I know on my last annual 3 or my plugs were marginal at best on the test bench, so I bought all new plugs. My C-85 runs better now than ever and it always (since I bought it) has had a slight vibration at cruise which is now gone.

Joey Shreve
Liberty Twp, OH
Sport Pilot; May 2017

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16 Dec 2018 19:10 #1751 by Keith Carden
C-85 hesitation was created by Keith Carden
Hello , I have a C-85 with Stomberg carb and am experiencing significant hesitation when transitioning from idle to full throttle. Regardless of the speed that the throttle is pushed forward, the engine will hesitate and nearly cut completely out at times. Once full throttle it seems to run fine but a sudden need for a go around could possibly pose a problem.

Prior to recent annual it did run fine, but I am new owner and do not have much experience with the plane yet. I feel as if it is something minor, the plane has been well taken care of, but none the less something that I need to get resolved before continuing my flight training in it.

Tomorrow I will be calling the mechanic that did the annual on it and see if he has any ideas but I thought I would throw this out on here to see if anyone had input.
thanks , Keith

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