Tail height spec tolerance?

28 Mar 2019 06:53 #1893 by Bob Thompson
Replied by Bob Thompson on topic Tail height spec tolerance?
Thx for the note! So I was doing some more work under mine with my mechanic and noticed something that makes me feel a lot better...I have the 15gal wing tanks and when they were fabricated, the drains were moved aft and inboard to the absolute lowest last spot eliminating some of the water issues.

I also have those spacers but I had them installed on the Belleville springs type and one spacer raised the tail 6”! I had them taken off since the tail was too high and you almost couldn’t step up on the wing walks. I’m at 72” tail height with the stock 500-4 nosewheel.

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27 Mar 2019 21:52 #1892 by Bruce Bennett
Replied by Bruce Bennett on topic Tail height spec tolerance?
There is no spec tolerance that I am aware of other than what you are comfortable with. Consensus is higher is better. Full disclosure: have owned my Ercoupe for 13 years. Came with rudder height at 67". Always hangared. No water issues. Handles crosswinds better than a Cessna :-) New donuts didn't help height. Just bought spacers from Alpha Aviation. Will install soon. Am interested to see handling difference.

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25 Mar 2019 10:09 #1887 by Bob Thompson
Tail height spec tolerance? was created by Bob Thompson
I have been assessing the tail height situation on my 415 C and I’m wondering what the allowable tolerance is? I know that it is to be set at 75 inches but I would have to assume that there is a plus or minus distance that also keeps it safe with regard to ground handling and water reaching the sumps.

If the tail height or 3 inches low for example is there any major problem with that?

Thx in advance

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