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At my first annual last March they found a weeping rivet on the Alon's header tank (missed on the pre-purchase inspection and my pre-flights). After some back and forth the mechanics agreed to try Pro-Seal around the rivet before trying to remove and repair/replace the tank. So far that seems to be working. One of the wing tanks appears to have an epoxy layer around a rivet from some time past that is also working. The Pro-Seal or similar would be worth considering.
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02 Dec 2019 21:42 #2401 by Keith Carden
Header tank was created by Keith Carden
Finding these Ercoupe are definitely a "labor of love".

After getting my Coupe back from annual, I now find that the header tank seems to have a very very small drip/seep to it. I do not assume that anything was done at annual that would have caused this, but am going to take a closer look at it.

On first glance, it feels like the fuel may be seeping from corners/seems of tank. I have logs from the start and don't see that anything had ever been done to the header tank and it may just be simply leaking. I know that at least one of the wing tanks has been repaired.

With that said, I am open to whatever vast range of ideas this group may have with regard to resolving. Since owning (a year) I have approached maintenance items as a "do it right" and "don't get cheap on me now" type scenario, but the "new" tanks are ridiculously expensive so am open to ideas.

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