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  • From the Ground, Up -- Autobiography of an Aeronautical Engineer

By Fred E. Weick and James R. Hansen. This is Fred's autobiography.

Fred recorded his history on audio tapes for his children. After encouragement, he joined his co-writer who transcribed, edited, and working with Fred rewrote the beginning material in these tapes into an autobiography of Fred's career and life.

The books genesis as audio tapes leads many of us who were privileged to hear Fred speak to hear his voice and speach patterns in the book's pages. It's like listening to a long conversation with him.

Ercoupers should be aware that the Coupes were just a small part of Fred's long history as a leader in the development of private aviation. There's a lot about the Coupe's development and history, but there's a lot more, besides.

In all honesty, it's just a little dryly written, but not too much so to be a pleasantly readable book. I enjoyed it and have read it twice. Sometime soon, I'll read it again -- it's worth it.

Smithsonian Institution Press, ISBN 0-87474-950-6. This book is out of print, but may be available from used-book search companies.  Recommended by Ed Burkhead ( former EOC member ) , 8/11/2000.


  • The Ercoupe

By Stanley Thomas. Review by Ed Burkhead ( former EOC member ) 

This is the best history and general description of the Ercoupe, its origins and versions.

Accuracy of the material in this book is, in my personal opinion, better than any other single source (except for Weick's own autobiography).

Best of all, it's a pleasant, readable book. Strongly recommended by me.

Reprinted in spring, 2000 -- in print with several hundred copies WERE available from:

(Possibly out of business)
Aviation Publishing, Inc.
PO Box 5674
Destin, FL 32540
850 654 4696
FAX 850 654 1542

ISBN 0-9652727-9-6 (trade paperback)   Recommended by Ed Burkhead ( former EOC member ) , 8/14/2000.



  • "Adventures of a Desert Bush Pilot"

by Sylvia Winslow. 

Explore and enjoy the vast Mojave Desert of decades ago with Sylvia, Slim and 
their small plane, Buttercup. 130 Pages.
Members and Non-members $5.95


This can be purchased here.