Airventure Lecturer: One of our own EOC members, Dr. Pierre J. Moeser, will be speaking at AirVenture (Oshkosh) this year. The topic of his presentation will be “Aviation Medical Implications of CBD and Marijuana.”   CBD is legal everywhere. THC is legal nowhere in Federal Airspace. Yet, THC is legal in some states. Some states allow for THC use for medical reasons (medical marijuana) and some allow THC for recreational use (“getting high”). Advertisements for both CBD and THC promise miraculous cures for everything from anxiety to seizures.   Many questions arise for pilots. Do these compounds even work? Can pilots take them and fly? Many CBD products contain THC. How much THC is okay? Will a pilot test positive for THC if drug tested, and if so, or how long?   The truth is that there are no medical or legal or safety protections built in for pilots who use these products. Pilots need a foundation of knowledge to make the correct decisions on personal use and even secondhand exposure.   The projected schedule will be:   “Aviation Medical Implications of CBD and Marijuana” by Pierre J. Moeser, MD, FACP, FACR   07/26/2022 (Tuesday) – 12:00 at the FAA Safety Center 07/27/2022 (Wednesday) – 01:30 at the Seaplane Base   If you attend AirVenture this year, stop by the lecture and say “hi.”

Live in the Northwest? There's a regional fly-in the weekend before the National Fly-in for those interested. Please click here 2022 Walla Walla Fly-in for further information.

Looking for older copies of the Coupe Capers? Thanks to several members, notably Matt Gunsch and Jean and Scott Morgan, we've put older issues from in the Coupe Capers area under Files. You'll have to navigate to "Older" as we only display the last 5 years on the first page of the files area. Then, select the year and issue you want to see. Please note that these are VERY large files and may take some time to download. Unlike newer issues, they aren't searchable. Happy Reading!

We continue to add to this treasure trove. If you see something missing and know where we can get it, please let me know! (webmaster (at) ercoupe (dot) org)

We were recently asked to update the member count. Here's 11/2019 (vs 6/2017)

To find out, click here: Member Breakdown, Updated November 2019

Where in the world is Waldo?

OK, not Waldo, but those Coupes? a Google map has been created showing all the FAA and Canadian registered "Coupes" we could find. Go to this link:

There are multiple layers to the map:Coupes by Model (A2's and A-2A's combined) pinned on the map by city and state and Canadian coupes. Layers are shown by model number and can be turned off individually so see just 415-C's, etc. I’ve taken liberties with the FAA data and if it looked like a variant of the same thing, I changed it (for example, all ERCOUPE 415-C and 415-C are now called just 415-C). And, anything with ERCOUPE in the model is now an ERCO.

You can search by just about anything that you want: street address, name, model, make, etc.

  Thinking of buying a coupe? Check out this helpful article: Buying a Coupe - a pre-purchase inspection guide

Look in the forums under "For Sale" items.

We fly an airplane that was the peak of pre-World War II development. It took more than a decade and a half before the features of the Ercoupe were the norm in civil aviation. Yet the industry finally  followed.

The members of the Ercoupe Owners Club provide each other mutual support as we keep these classic aircraft in the air. Along the way, we've found that Coupe people are a little bit special, themselves. Please browse our site and enjoy.


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