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09 Nov 2022 11:28 #1 by Randy Branson
Replied by Randy Branson on topic Events schedule for 2023

I too would like to know of any gathering of Ercoupes.  Some fly-ins are just too far away for me to even consider (e.g., Hood River, Walla Walla).  But this year I did Larry Snyder's Mountainview "Bust out of Winter" fly-in, Sun-N-Fun, and AirVenture.  Next year I hope to do Larry's fly-in, Sun-N-Fun and the Ercoupe Convention in October in Dickson, TN (M02).  I'm not sure about AirVenture 2023 yet because the Ercoupe group arrival this year (2022) was so dismally attended, and I think Syd wants to do the group fly in from Watertown on the Friday before AirVenture 2023 starts instead of that Saturday.  Last year (2021), you are right, there were 30+ Coupes that flew in as a group.  This year, there were only 4 of us. As far as Sun-N-Fun goes, I'm hoping some of the membership from the north and west of Alabama will consider an enroute stop at 08A in central Alabama (my home field) so we can formation fly to Sun-N-Fun 2023.

My other consideration, given that I live south of the Mason-Dixon Line, is convective weather and whether or not the particular fly-in has refundable reservation charges.  Being in Central AL, convective activity is often a showstopper to attending fly-ins. Larry's "Bust out of COVID" fly-in (2021) was on my schedule but a solid line of convective SIGMETs ran from east TX to west TN and sat for almost a week stopping me from even attempting the trip.  

So, if anyone is planning to go to a fly-in or is planning a fly-in, please share that info.  You never know when another Coupe or two, or three may show up for a group flight.

Randy, N2338H


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07 Nov 2022 08:57 - 07 Nov 2022 08:59 #2 by Super User
Replied by Super User on topic Events schedule for 2023

National Level events, such as the annual convention are put on the web as soon as practical. If the regional events get sent to the webmaster (webmaster (at) ercoupe (dot) org) more than a few days in advance, they get on the calendar as well.

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07 Nov 2022 08:08 #3 by John Recine
Replied by John Recine on topic Events schedule for 2023
Larry thanks for your reply, helpful but incomplete to reflect the upcoming year. Is there away to get more info in to a central clearing contact to be incorporated into our forum for information on annual events?

I was just surprised that there was an event in June at smoketown pa. Not only is it just about in my backyard but I did a bunch of my primary training there and finished at Lancaster pa airport. As far as pa geography goes. LNS is over the hill from my home and smoketown just over 2 hills from my home.

Even if there were other organizations hosting would
Also be an option for advertising such an event. Just some ideas of other coupe related events over the course of a year.

I was really impressed by the flight of 30 into Airventure I think James did a remarkable job of capturing the essence of it and turning it into an informative and enjoyable video to watch.

Larry, thanks for your reply I hope to see more from other members interested in sharing what they know of events or events that focus on the Ercoupe.

Your thoughts are appreciated.


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07 Nov 2022 07:43 #4 by Larry Snyder
Replied by Larry Snyder on topic Events schedule for 2023
There used to be a schedule of events in the Coupe Capers, but I haven’t put one in for a while because I never had a good list to work from. The events I am aware of:

Mountain View, Arkansas, spring Fly-In, first weekend in June. Theme is Bluegrass and food.

Ercoupe National Convention, normally late June but in 2023 it’ll be October.

AirVenture, end of July, lots of Ercoupe activity

Ercoupe Stampede, Wichita, Kansas, September

Hood River, Oregon, late summer, I think.

Walls Walla, Washington, not sure if the date.

I’m sure I’ve missed several. Help?

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06 Nov 2022 18:52 #5 by John Recine
Events schedule for 2023 was created by John Recine
As a new owner and member of the organizations. I wanted to know if there is an annual publication or schedule for all events Ercoupe? It would be nice to know when and where each event is scheduled and
on what date its planned for. That along with the theme
of the event if any. Perhase that’s already being done and I’m just late to the party. I do know , I would like to be notified, included and involved in such events. 

please advise, thanks,

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