Air Intake Pics Wanted

19 Aug 2018 07:51 #1616 by Henry Pasquet
Replied by Henry Pasquet on topic Air Intake Pics Wanted
I had mine checked at the last annual. It was full of muddobbers at the firewall. With all in order, very little air comes through the side vents. I had snap vents installed under the cockpit to exhaust the air, rather than it being plugged up in the cockpit. I recorded 10.5 MPH air flow by the throttle in-flight. It is cool now. The information is in the general area.

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18 Aug 2018 18:19 #1615 by John Jones
Air Intake Pics Wanted was created by John Jones
I'm interested in what the fresh air intakes that are the source for the dash vents look like. My A2 has the scat tubes to those vents connected to the mixer box on the firewall that is fed from the small nose opening. Very little air flows out of the vents as the mix box has two open holes that allow the air to blow into the footwell (path of least resistance). Univair indicates they don't have the parts so I'm wondering if that is something that can be "owner provided". John

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