PITA ( not PETA)

16 Nov 2018 20:16 #1718 by Gordie Meade
PITA ( not PETA) was created by Gordie Meade
One of the largest pains about owning an M-10, is the fact that not many were built so very few usable STCs exist. Every time I want to do an update, for something as simple as installing an LED direct replacement for a landing light, you must do a 337 field approval. I have a stack of them now. I put in a fuel flow indicator, 337. a digital CHT/EGT, 337, LED tip strobes, 337. I want to put in a digital oil temp gauge, LED landing and taxi lights, a digital tach (My BF Goodrich tach croaked), all of which require a field approval. All of this stuff is more accurate , more efficient, and less maintenance that the original equipment but, even though it's an STCed direct replacement for the same parts on other certificated aircraft, I have to do field approvals, which is NOT a trivial solution. I'm finished venting now.

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