Alon A2 Nosegear Refurbish

12 Jan 2022 10:52 #7 by John Jones
Replied by John Jones on topic Alon A2 Nosegear Refurbish
This is from an Alon parts manual dated April 1966

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11 Jan 2022 19:00 #8 by Robert James
Alon A2 Nosegear Refurbish was created by Robert James
I started off by trying to remove the nose gear Lower piston to replace the O-ring on my Alon A2. Now I have the entire Nose gear sitting on the bench and still can’t get the lower piston separated! Yikes!
1.Can someone explain how to do that, and don’t casually refer to service Bulletin 41. I can’t find the answer in it. It’s not the same oleo.
However, What it’s a great time to replace the rubbers that keeps oil from leaking out of the oleo, and to replace the rubber shock absorber at the very top of the oleo that’s deteriorated so badly. 
2. Where do I find the Rubber Parts, o-rings  and the rubber shock absorber inside the oleo? All I see from Univar are kits that have a lot of stuff I really don’t need , and not all the shock absorber and the stuff I do need,… Any specific answers to my questions would be more than greatly appreciated! I’d like to order parts tomorrow if possible,…
 PS: I’d like to order what’s needed for the two main gear oleo’s also, but need to identify part numbers for what I need! Cheers,

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