Left tank fuel gauge

14 Jun 2021 14:43 #1 by John Jones
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I believe the gauge for the main tanks on most models was a single float gauge on the left tank, visible through an opening in the cockpit side panel. Both main tanks were plumbed together prior to the fuel pump so the one gauge was good for both. I believe there is a difference in the mounting bolt pattern between the Ercoupes and Alons but none of them were electronic, just mechanical floats. I would prefer and electric gauge because the float gauge on my Alon is tough to see in flight.
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14 Jun 2021 11:56 #2 by Fernando Serra
Left tank fuel gauge was created by Fernando Serra
Continuing discovering undocumented features added to my new acquired coupe fuel system in addition to the electric fuel pump which can't find any reference to see if there is an actual STC available or not. As I removed the wing tanks for service, I noticed there is a fuel sender unit on the left tank. Does anyone know if it requires an STC . I see that univair sells the sender unit,  so curious if it was part on new fuel tanks (9 Gal) which the left one is a 9 gal. tank or should I have it removed as tanks will be service since I have no stc record. Of courser there is a wing tank fuel guage on the panel as well. univair par 415-48114 ERCOUPE 12 HOLE FUEL GAUGE

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