Oil Pressure Drop to 0

21 Sep 2022 07:25 #1 by Randy Branson
Replied by Randy Branson on topic Oil Pressure Drop to 0
Thanks for the advice.  We used a bench tester and the gauge is dead on correct. 

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21 Sep 2022 03:10 #2 by Edward Moore
Replied by Edward Moore on topic Oil Pressure Drop to 0
I'm surprised but try another gauge, etc

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20 Sep 2022 22:06 #3 by Randy Branson
Oil Pressure Drop to 0 was created by Randy Branson
Just completed installing the Tennessee Real Gasket push rod tubes, new cylinder gaskets, bead blasted pistons, installed new rings, bead blasted valves and reseated them.  Filled with mineral oil and ground checked, no leaks.  1 lap flight, no leaks.  Compressions in the high 70's.  All's great right?  Nope.

I took her up for what was to be an hour of flying laps at 2500' and then checking for leaks.  On the third lap around around my oil pressure quickly dropped to zero and temp went over 220.  I immediately landed and taxied to the maintenance hangar.  No leaks, no oil traces.  Pulled the oil screen and it had a bit of carbon but no metal.  Pulled the oil pressure regulator and did find a fleck of carbon on the seating face of the plunger.  Great!  That's it.  Wrong.  Ran it up, good pressure.  took off and 3rd lap around same thing pressure drops to zero.

Checked screen...clean; check pressure plunger...nothing.  Drained the oil and flushed out the sump and fuel pressure seat.  refilled with oil.  Great pressure...until the 3rd lap then same thing.  My AP decided to drain the oil again and this time go to my normal Phillips 66 20/50 thinking the mineral oil is getting too thin and bypassing the plunger seat.  Good idea, but it didn't work.  Same result.

I called Contental's Tech support and talked to a really nice guy but he said it's a simple system, so wheat we did should have fixed the problem.  Only think he suggested was replacing the plunger, spring, and refacing the seat.  Ok, parts ordered...cant find the 88 degree cutting tool yet.

Can anyone give me any other suggestions?  This was not an issue before we installed new rings, pushrod tubes and gaskets.  HELP!!!

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