Rebuilt after crash Coupe - how to ascertain safety?

27 Jun 2023 11:48 #7 by Wouter van Tiel
Hi EOC group,

I am and have been in the process of buying an Ercoupe to join you on your outings.

I found a really nice looking one, but it has some history. Notably a 2015 crash in which the wing and the firewall were damaged. It has been repaired and flown again. I am just in the beginning of asking questions and trying to figure out what I need to look for. 

I'd be asking whether it still flies straight and coordinated in level flight for starters and I'd like to know how many hours it has flown since the accident. Apparently, a lot of the kinks were taken care of but I don't know exactly what that means. I have downloaded the pre buy and annual inspection lists -thanks - those will be very helpful.

Any help in making a good decision is appreciated.

See you in the air, hopefully soon,.


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