Bust Out of Winter All Set!

27 Feb 2023 12:56 #1 by Larry Snyder
Bust Out of Winter All Set! was created by Larry Snyder
Get ready! The Bust Out of Winter Fly-in at the Mountain View, Arkansas, airport is set and we have facilities set aside and ready to go!We had to make some schedule changes but here we are:Our primary venue for lodging, banquet, and presentation will be Angler's White River Resort on the north side of Mountain View. Anglers is providing us rooms, cabins, a private room for dining and presentation, and transportation! Please use them if at all possible. If not, try some of the other motels in town. Friday night will feature a banquet at Anglers and the presentation. We will happy hour - yes I said HAPPY HOUR - at Anglers at 5 pm on Friday, dinner at 6, presentation afterward.  Guess speaker is Dan Gryder, YouTube personality who has the Probable Cause channel, and he is an extremely experience pilot and owns his own DC-3. He has lots of opinions, so be prepared for a very interesting talk!Saturday we will be flying to Gaston's White River Resort (resorts are all along the White River) which has an amazing restaurant and a grass strip. It's a 30-minute flight from Mountain View! Be prepared - the strip has one way in and the other way out. Check YouTube for videos on flying in to Gaston's. Also, check out Dan Gryder's channel.Saturday night will be our traditional Randy Feldpouch Memorial home-made ice cream and pizza party at the airport. And, of course, lots of pickin' and grinnin'. Turns out Dan Gryder plays the banjo, too! Wear your best toe-tapping shoes...Look for registration on this web site and in the March Coupe Capers. Let's have a party!!!!

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