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17 May 2024 09:38 #1 by Larry Snyder
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Here are my thoughts on getting something going at your field. There are two kinds of events:

1. Regular breakfast or lunch fly-ins. These would appeal to folks in maybe a range of 100 miles or so. These take work and you need a core of 3-4 people committed to it.

2. An annual “big” event. Here in Mountain View Arkansas I try to have a 2 or 3 day event once a year. We figure on around 10-12 airplanes and 30-40 people. We have a seminar, a fly-out somewhere, an ice cream and pizza party and a small banquet. I try to include everything, including a T shirt, in one registration fee. I’m proud to say we managed to include two breakfasts, and two dinners and a T shirt in our $65 fee last year. If anyone else would have such an event I would make every effort to be there! If you’d like to do one, I’d be glad to give you all the wisdom and advice I can muster!

Good luck!!

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17 May 2024 08:34 #2 by Super User
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From you, everything is "norther and wester". (LOL)

Florida does have a lot of coupes, but so do other states. Check out: (from the front page at that shows coupe distribution (admittedly a few years old).

As of Nov '22, Texas has mote EOC members than Florida with California right behind. There's certainly a bunch out there and having fly-ins is a great way to get folks engaged. Good luck!

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17 May 2024 08:10 #3 by David Gilson
North east florida fly in was created by David Gilson
This is extremely preliminary, but, I have a hagar in Hilliard Florida on a public grass strip 01J. This is a very lonesome and quiet airport that the local community wants to see more active. The airport manager is a volunteer and recently had a BBQ for no particular reason that was pretty well attended. I could probably arrange something with him for us to get together. I'm also in the beech aero club and I'm gonna see if they would have any interest with a cross contamination event with both clubs. As a recently minted wing commander (look at me) I wanna try to do my part. It seems the fly ins are norther and western but most of the coupes are in florida. If it were to happen I would thing minimum of fall or winter of this year. Give me some feedback.

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