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19 Jul 2021 09:55 #1 by Brady Buttterfield
Soon To Be New Owner - Camas WA, Grove Field 1W1 was created by Brady Buttterfield
Hello Folks. 
I just placed a deposit on a 415C (N94184) which was recently stripped and repainted out of the Port Townsend Aero Museum.  They wanted to keep her to display but their other Ercoupe needs more love.  We drove up yesterday and spent the day flying her around that beautiful area.  Taxing via "steering wheel" is so weird.  I live 3.5 hours away outside of Vancouver WA.  The C-85 has 682.8 Hrs SMOH and had a fresh top end 130 Hrs ago. She has a recent annual with 78/79 Psi compressions.  They showed me pics of the usual suspect areas for corrosion from when the plane was recently stripped and painted.  The museum's shop will be adding an ADS-B tail beacon for me while I work on getting current.  
As for me, I received my PPL when turning 18, almost 23 years ago.  I am a low-time pilot with approximately 70 hours in C172s.  Such is life for a non-professional pilot with a family and career to manage.  Over the years I have flown and built a number of ultralights, paramotors & paragliders while trying to feed the flying bug.  This will be my first certified aircraft!
I will need a bi-annual flight review to be current.  I just get a fresh medical.  My 14-year-old son is just starting his ground school which is exciting and useful for brushing up on regs.  This Ercoupe will most likely be a part of his flight training and will be our local evening fun flyer. We will be based out of Grove Field and I really hope I can find some hangar space for her fairly quickly.  
Is there anyone local who can assist with me getting some seat time to gain proficiency in an Ercoupe?  Or better yet, a CFI who can also tack on a flight review?  If I can't find someone.  I'll get my BFR with the local air school in a C172, and then spend a day or two up in Townsend getting checked out in my new plane for the 5-10 hour insurance requirement.

Also, has anybody got any connections for hangar space at Grove Field?  I put myself on the waiting list last month, but it could be years.  I'll have access to a dirt tie-down but I don't want to leave her outside very long.   

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