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20 Sep 2021 12:16 #1 by Jon Dickinson
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Thanks John. Hopefully some day I'll have one!


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10 Sep 2021 10:21 #2 by John Jones
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Welcome. Good choice to get a "new" plane with the little wheel at the proper end : - )

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09 Sep 2021 10:52 #3 by Jon Dickinson
Introduction - New Member was created by Jon Dickinson

I'm a new EOC member (even saw my name in this month's Capers!). I've been curious about Ercoupes for a few decades now. I live in central FL and own a nice (and somewhat upgraded) '48 Piper Vagabond for a few years. The Vagabond has been my first plane I've owned as well as my first tailwheel plane. It has taught me that I don't need flaps and to fly pretty much seat of the pants (with an eye on airspeed and turn coordinator). I only fly off grass, so that limits where I go. It cruises around 80+/- MPH or so (has a climb prop) and I'm okay with that. Little faster (at times) could be fun though.

Watching James Good's vlogs flying in his Ercoupe has made me want a nice Ercoupe. I love the twin tail, a polished aluminum skin, and those sliding canopy windows! Those sliding windows are brilliant.

I've been told I'm silly in going from a tailwheel to a tri-gear. And that a Coupe even moves that transition further by (originally) not having rudder pedals. I've heard the Coupes with no rudder pedals may have a slightly greater X-wind capability. I don't know. I've not had the chance to even sit in one. The cabin width of the Vagabond is about 39". I've heard Coupes are 36" and then read they are 39". Wife and I fit fairly well in the Vagabond.

So I'm looking for a Ercoupe. I don't know if I would sell the Vagabond - if not, I'll have two mouths to feed and store, but that may not be so bad. I'm looking on the various plane selling sites. Then I got the bright idea to join EOC. I'm not in a rush to purchase, but if you folks point out a sweet one that I should move on before it's gone, then I'll pull the trigger sooner than later.

Anyway, I've probably babbled on enough for now.


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