Bucket List - Land in all 48 Contiguous States in my Ercoupe

12 Dec 2023 11:37 - 12 Dec 2023 11:45 #13 by Randy Branson
Hello everyone!  I'm starting to plan for a huge bucket list item while she (Ermelia Ercoupe) and I are both healthy and young enough to do it (she's 77 and I'm to love older women!).  I was wondering if any other 'Coupers out there have done a 48-state trip and what routing they used.  My trip will start and hopefully end in Central Alabama.  I'm wanting to do the trip solely in my 'Coupe but may have to eliminate some states that I've already flow into/out of in my previous airplane just to make the trip doable in one long, long, long flight.  I've flown into/out of: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, Illinois, Wisconsin, Kentucky, Ohio, Texas, Louisiana, North Carolina, South Carolina, and maybe a couple others (to include Hawaii...but obviously HI is a no go in an Ercoupe anyway).

I plan to document the trip on video and write a trip log to share with anyone who'd be interested.  Of course, my video wouldn't be anything as beautiful as James Good's videos because I'm not that computer literate.  

Does anyone have any suggestions of a route of flight that they've either done or planned for such an endeavor?  I'd be interested in hearing from y'all as to recommendations.  I'll be ultimately planning it all in ForeFlight. I figure 6-8 hour flying days after I train my bladder to be accommodating (LOL).What, besides extra oil would you carry with you?  Any parts, tools, etc. you'd carry along if you were doing it.  Whatever I carry will be impacted by the probability that I'll take camping gear (tent, sleeping bag, cot, COFFEE POT) with me.

I'd be interested in overnight stops where I could crash (figuratively) at a fellow EOC members house/hangar.

Okay everyone!  Let me hear from you!  Talk me out of it if you can.  Otherwise, any words of wisdom (especially from guys like Syd Cohen and other long-distance  flyers) would be most appreciated. Happy flying all!

Randy Branson
"Ermelia" N2338H 
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