Anyone have experience Removing the Ercoupe "curse" from your license?

18 Nov 2020 17:25 #1 by John Farrell
You've probably done this by now; call and make an appointment with your closest FSDO to discuss the matter. Some FSDOs are "friendlier" than others; however, you might find an understanding DPE who could help you navigate the system. Maybe even fly with you in a Cessna 150 or whatever as a "check ride" and sign you off with all the paper work.

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29 Nov 2019 10:29 #2 by James Stevens
I bought my 415C about 7 years ago, tested in it and have been flying it ever since. It has no rudder pedals. I now have over 400 hours in my log book with all but 100 in the coupe. Previously, I had trained in conventional control LSAs (Eaglets & Remos GX). Recently, I bought a Tecnam Eaglet, but cannot legally fly it because I have a limitation on my license: "Ercoupe 415C without rudder pedals only". I had thought it would be an easy matter to get the restriction removed from my license. NOT! Only a DPE can remove such a limitation via a limited re-exam in an aircraft with rudder pedals to demonstrate that I still know how to use them (I do). I expected that, but did not expect the paperwork attached to the process. FAA form 8710-11 (Airman Application for Certification - Sport Pilot) must be filled out MANUALLY and submitted through the DPE, FSDO and ultimately to Oklahoma. IACRA (the on-line electronic system for such certification applications) is not programmed to accept applications for re-exam, Sport Pilot.

The problem with manual submissions is that they involve several pages of manual work for the DPE and (in the words of one DPE) the process is a "pain in the butt". DPEs I have contacted flat refuse to process any applications that must be done outside IACRA.

Has anyone else encountered this problem and successfully negotiated the catch 22 paperwork problems associated with it?

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