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20 Nov 2020 09:51 #1 by Michael Hainen
Replied by Michael Hainen on topic upcoming check ride
Yes go South and stay safe but it was a fun exercise on my WING X EFB.

I'm from the Midwest so don't trust me. But just playing with my android tablet and WING X here's the route I come up with, weather permitting. Lots of airports along route to bailout .
Tried to avoid CHARLIE, BRAVO, Restricted and Prohibited MOA's, Flying along STAMPEDE PASS and going for the farm land east of the mountains.
About 260 nm and about 2.7 hours @ 95kts using 16 gallons of avgas using 6gph for a C-152.
Check the nearby MOA's for activity, also NOTAMS and TFR'S

If the weather in the Puget Sound area is headed in to the "suckzone" for winter come on down to Florida and finish up.

BTW I'm a real fan of WING X, can get a one year subscription for VFR pilots for 99 cents. Used it to fly my Ercoupe from NH to northern Michigan last summer, use it all the time on my iphone 6 and my cheap refurbed android tablet, would be best on and ipad or ipad mini. Hilton Software, provides all the nav software for US military and gov agencies.

Rustypilot in Michigan

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19 Nov 2020 22:04 #2 by Ronald Raty
Replied by Ronald Raty on topic upcoming check ride
Thanks for the thought. I am thinking the same thing. It adds a couple hours, but I don't have to brave mountains which I don't know much about in an under-powered airplane with no winter survival equipment. I think going South and following the Columbia River ("I follow rivers") is the smart move. If weather doesn't improve, I probably won't be getting my PPL until Spring.

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19 Nov 2020 15:47 #3 by John Farrell
Replied by John Farrell on topic upcoming check ride
Why fly over the Cascades for a check ride? Go south more or less following roads/I-5 etc. 91.103 does not require flight over the mountains!! Be safe, fly "IFR" "I follow roads!"

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07 Nov 2020 13:14 #4 by Ronald Raty
upcoming check ride was created by Ronald Raty
Hi everyone.
I have my PPL checkride next week, and my assigned flight for planning purposes is from 0S9 (Port Townsend, W of Seattle) to FSS (Spokane), a route over the Cascade mountains. In keeping with the CFR 91.103, wherein I am supposed to collect all available information, I thought I would start by collecting some opinions from those more experienced. Does anyone have any recommendations for a route getting from point A to point B?

I will be "flying" a Cessna 150 at gross weight, which has performance characteristics very similar to my Ercoupe 415C.

Thoughts? Recommendations? Suggestions? Things to consider for a novice pilot?

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