New Side Windows

14 Jun 2021 09:23 #13 by Randy Branson
New Side Windows was created by Randy Branson
I was two hours away from home at an airport in the middle of nowhere when it became an "OH CRAP" moment.  I was closing (pulling up) the left side window when it snapped off in my hand about 6 inches down.  It now has to be replaced.  I know lots of y'all have replaced the side "glass" on your Coupes; how much of a pain in the tail end is this going to be ?  I THINK getting the two plates in the center of the window bows are going to be pretty easy to remove.  Is it then just a matter of pulling the old ones out and putting the new ones in?  I need new welts, but don't want to take that on right now...then again I didn't want to buy new windows right now either.

If I order windows from Univair, are they going to come with all of the hardware (aluminum center sections and ends of the window)?  Any experience getting them from Vernon?

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