What’s your favorite defunct airline and aircraft?

13 May 2024 14:02 #7 by Larry Snyder
My favorite airline would have to be TWA. Since I grew up in Kansas City, Missouri, and later moved to St. Louis, almost all of my air travel was done on TWA When I was really sick in 1964 we flew from Kansas City to Rochester, Minnesota, in a Braniff DC-3 so could check into the Mayo Clinic. So I have a fond recollection of the DC-4. Nothing lik walking down a sloping center aisle to get to your seat. We flew at under 10,000 feet because it was not pressurized. We stopped several times. Over the years I got to fly in 707s, 727s, 737s, 747s, L1011s, DC-10s, Embraers, DC-3s. I don’t think I flew in a Connie or a Convair. My first GA flight was in a Tripacer. then I flew in a Navion, a Mooney, a Kitfox and finally an Ercoupe. I now have 1600+ hours in my Ercoupe!

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