M10 Service Manual Correction - Engine Mount Rubber Busing Torque

30 Jul 2022 21:28 #1 by Mike Then
I came across the subject error today, at least it is in a few older M10 service & maintenance manuals I have.  I would assume it is still wrong in the most recent publishing.

Under 3-9 Engine Installation, section 1 states the torque is 180 to 190 inch pounds.  I strongly suggest the correct torque is 70 to 80 inch pounds.  If you reference the TCM Overhaul manual, it references C90-16F use lord mounts, and gives the 180-190 torque.  Well, we do not have lord mounts!  The TCM Overhaul manual references 70 to 80 inch pounds for the mount set up we have.

I wasted sometime today figuring this out -- thought I'd save someone the trouble and pass it on.


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